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XboxDIY (YouTube) and features do-it-yourself tutorials and walk throughs for common problems with Xbox 360’s and Xbox One’s.

Launched as a successful YouTube channel, XboxDIY was looking to expand it’s web presence through an online blog and help portal, featuring custom branding and post types to bring a unique look and feel to their website.

Check out XboxDIY on YouTube and on the web at

Some highlights…

Full Website Redesign

We overhauled XboxDIY from the ground up using our newest frameworks.

XboxDIY had been through a series of rebrands and overhauls throughout the last few years which contributed to a lower volume of new and returning visitors, and a dip in search engine results.

Creating a scalable solution that enabled future growth, we brought a modern design and stability to this fast moving do-it-yourself/how-to blog.

Mobile First Performance

Based almost entirely on organic traffic in the how-to web space, XboxDIY needed to be able to quickly deliver content to its younger readers all while being mobile friendly.

We helped not only optimize backend noise, but enabled further performance improvements by

Custom Post Types

When a blog is the center of your digital web presence, it’s important to stand out with an eye-catching approach to your posts to attract and engage readers.

As a user first community, putting an author photo and personal blurb at the front of posts was a way to help connect readers to the writers helping them.

This post type also helped streamline advertisement management, including custom ads per post and scaling for site wide A/B testing.

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